Wedding Kissing Game Ideas

Wedding Kissing Game Ideas

Wedding Kissing Game Ideas
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Wedding kissing games spice up the party! Everyone knows it’s tradition to have the beautiful couple kiss and show affection as much as possible at their reception. Usually, it’s the clinking of the glasses that will get the room energized and loud, requesting to have them kiss, but what if you want to make it a bit more interesting and switch things up a little?

Here are some great ideas and games for the guests to get the couple to kiss:

  1. Comedy:
    Tell a joke and make us laugh!
  2. Copy Kiss:
    Make an example of how they should lock lips! The better the kiss, the more amped up the room will be before the bride and groom have to match or beat it.
  3. Trivia:
    Have questions ready that are related to the bride and groom. If you answer it right, then they have to kiss!
  4. Serenade Us:
    You’ll have to sing for the bride and groom to have them kiss, but a classic love song should do!
  5. The Dance:
    Do a silly, fun, crazy or even romantic style dance to convince the couple to kiss!
  6. Story Time:
    Tell a funny story about the bride and groom and have them kiss.
  7. Advice:
    Share some fun, interesting, heartfelt sentiment or even unique marriage advice to have them kiss!

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