Wedding Guest List Tips
Guest List Tips

Guest List Tips

Guest List Tips
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Setting the guest list can be the MOST stressful part of planning your wedding. It isn’t easy. So we have compiled a list of tips for planning your wedding guest list!

Here are a few tips for picking the guest list:
  • Have you talked to them in the last year?
  • Do you have a close personal/family connection with them?
  • Do you spend time with them outside of work?
  • Are they someone you would normally buy dinner for?
  • Do you know their partner’s name?
  • Will they make your wedding more fun?
  • Are they someone your parents would want there?
  • Do they support you and your life choices?
  • Does your significant other know them or want them at your wedding?
  • Would they invite you to their wedding?
  • Will, they possibly have a negative effect on your big day
  • Are they single? Or might they be there only to hit on your guests? 

There is a balance for each and every wedding. There are many reasons why some weddings may be more boring than you’d think. Sometimes, the people invited aren’t partiers, and would rather talk at the tables which is fine, but be careful how many of those people you invite. The guests invited will make or break the amount of fun you will have. So, make sure to consider if they are single or not, can’t handle their liquor,  are negative or always pessimistic, or too rowdy for the rest of the room etc… The age demographic is often vast at weddings. When making an invite list, think about the age balance amongst guests. If you invite a lot of older people, but love to listen to younger music, then you may have an overwhelming amount of older requests or disappointed guests. Try to find that perfect balance with your guests and the music!

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