Wedding Guest Book Ideas
Wedding Guest Book Ideas

Wedding Guest Book Ideas

Wedding Guest Book Ideas
From Happy Wife Happy Life 

The wedding guest book is usually the first thing that greets you as you enter the venue. Guest books range in size and uniqueness and create an opportunity for you to put a life long fingerprint on the bride and groom’s big day. Here at Happy Wife Happy Life, we’ve had the pleasure of working alongside some incredibly creative couples!

Here are our (and our couples’) ideas for wedding guest books:

  1. Words Of Wisdom Box:
    Handcrafted or store-bought, find yourself a unique box that will suit the theme and colours of your wedding. Have your guests fill sheets of paper with your wedding stamp on them with words of wisdom for you and your spouse! 
  2. Bucket List Bin:
    Place a bucket (decorated of course!) on the signing table and have guests fill out cards with fun adventure ideas. Skydiving, travel ideas, must-see shows are just a few ideas to mix up the happy couple’s honeymoon!
  3. Wooden Signing Board:
    If you’re crafty and want a challenge, create a wooden piece (like these) that people can sign their name on when they walk in. You can use different permanent coloured metallic pens to add some flare! 
  4. Rock Messages:
    The best part about this idea is that rocks are all around us! Find some nice stones, clean and dry them, and place on your signing table. Supply metallic markers to sign the rocks (they will show up on any colour of stone!) and have instructions on where you want guests to place the stones.  
  5. Polaroid Picture Book:
    Have a few Polaroid cameras on the signing table and have your guests take awesome photos of themselves to put in your book. This idea is one of our favourites!
  6. Heart Shaped Signatures:
    Have a small shadow box (like this) with just enough room to slide small wooden heart messages inside. Once all guests have signed a heart, and the frame is close to or completely full, close the top off and hang it somewhere you and your spouse will see it regularly! 

We hope some of these ideas have helped spark your creative side when it comes to the signing table! Follow us on Facebook and Instagram, and check out our blog for more #WEDDUCATION wedding tips and tricks.