Wedding DJ cost

The biggest hassle about having a wedding is the amount of money a couple has to fork out in order to have their memorable day go smoothly. There are so many things to consider when planning a wedding and things could get confusing when dealing with so many expenses. Most couples will opt to hiring an actual wedding planner but there are a few things to take into consideration if you tackle the task of planning your wedding on your own. Here are some points to help you remember your big expenses for the big day.

  • Wedding venue cost

The cost of your venue could put quite a hole in your budget. Take time to look around but remember that the more popular wedding venues are booked quite far in advance which means leaving the booking till the last minute with these certain venues might result in you having to find somewhere new.

  • Cost for food catering

Some venues will offer an option of catering for your wedding but a few do not and require you to find your own. The safest bet is to look on the internet for well-known caterers with good reputations. Some professional food caterers are also able to cater for your culinary needs and desires meaning that they can adapt their menu according to your likes and dislikes.

  • Decorations/ seating and tables

Decorations, seating and tables can most affect your budget as they are hidden costs which often are not thought of until the venue has been booked. Some venues will offer decorations, seating and tables and include it in the price for the venue but be aware of this expense as it can lurk up from behind.

  • Over-night weddings.

Some wedding venues may be too far for some of the people you invite. These people will usually need a place to stay over for the night of the wedding. If you decide to pay for this expense it is suitable to see what the requirements of your guests are beforehand so you can avoid spending unnecessary money on rooms that are not used.

  • Wedding DJ cost.

This is the most important part of the planning period after finding the venue and organizing food, the wedding DJ cost. The wedding DJ cost can be quite costly and affect your budget negatively but it is important to provide some sort of entertainment for your wedding – the most reasonable form of entertainment being that of a disk Jockey.

These five points are the higher expenses of the average wedding but the issue of going over the budget can be avoided if a couple can prepare well for the big day with a solid plan.