Wedding Colour Combo Ideas




Wedding Colour Combo Ideas

Wedding Colour Combo Ideas
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Out with the old and in with the new! Nowadays, a lot of weddings tend to look and feel the same. Having the bouquet made of green and white flower arrangements are clean and pure, but here’s your chance to replace it with something fun and exotic that will brighten your day and set you apart from the rest! 

Same goes for the groom. The cliche black and white tuxedo with the white boutonniere is slowly making its exit from the wedding scene. Sure it’s classy and clean, but this is your shot at adding some swagger to your groom. Don’t forget about table linens and centre pieces. All of these are areas that can be improved with the right colour scheme.

Here are some great wedding colour combo ideas to brighten up and add flair to your weddings day:

  • Classic:
    Navy blue, grey, maroon and white
    Navy blue, beige, white 
    Navy blue, pink, grey, white
    Midnight blue, white, yellow, black
    Midnight blue, purple, white, grey
    Grey, black, maroon, white
  • Eclectic:
    Grey plaid, red, black, white
    Blue plaid, white, red
    Purple, grey, white, Light pink
    Emerald, cream, gold
  • Bright:
    White, green, yellow, grey
    Magenta, red, yellow
    Lime green, cranberry, white
    Purple, burgundy, orange
  •  Soft:
    Green, soft pink, white, grey
    Baby blue, grey, white, soft yellow
    Baby blue, grey, white, soft orange
    Light grey, purple, light pink
    Black, pale green, white

Happy colour hunting! 

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