Unique Wedding Reception Ideas


 Unique wedding reception ideas

Unique Wedding Reception Ideas
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After the ceremony comes the reception, the party everyone has been waiting for! Make your reception memorable, fun and carefree with these unique wedding reception ideas that will suit any style of wedding.

Here is our list of unique wedding reception ideas:


  1. Reception Lounge

    Don’t keep your guests confined to the dining tables all night. Set up a chic lounge area where your guests (or you) can chill out and relax for a little bit. Comfy chairs, plush pillows and soft blankets will make the area cosy and inviting.

  2. Reception Ushers

    Ditch the seating cards and have your guests greeted at the door by ushers that will walk them to their seat. If you’re caterer or venue provides wait staff, ask if the staff would be able to take on the ushers roles as well! Your guests will feel well taken care of and nobody will end up in the wrong seat!

  3. Before the Ceremony Cocktails

    Who says cocktail hour can’t be before the ceremony? Of course, cocktails will be provided at the reception, but surprise your guests with light, bubbly and fruity cocktails as they arrive at the ceremony. This way, your guests will also be less restless if you need some extra time to get ready.

  4. Welcome Bags

    If you are having a small wedding, then decked out welcome bags are a lovely touch to add to your reception. Make a personalized welcome note for each bag and fill them with personalized items (maybe a handmade scented soap or candle), a pair of flip flops for the reception, or some mini bottles of their favourite drinks (try a local brew or wine). 

  5. To-Go Gifts

    If you want your guests to party hard, then provide them with some after-care to take home with them! Fill small bags with a sleep mask, some water and some snacks and even some Advil. 

  6. Child Care

    Kids at a wedding can be stressful. After all, weddings can be long and tiring events to go to, especially for the younger children and their parents. So, provide some convenient childcare at the reception to give both the kids and the parents a break. Have an area set up with toys, crayons and most importantly, a babysitter!

  7. Photo Booth

    Capture moments your photographer might miss by having a fun photo booth (just like the ones we provide). Make your photos special by adding fun themed props and signs and be sure to send the guests their photos along with their thank you card. You can book a booth with us here.

  8. Video Confessional

    You can also have a video confessional booth where you guests can record messages for you and your new partner! Ask your videographer to edit some of the best messages into your wedding video.

  9. Midnight Snacks

    Let’s face it, we all get hungry by the end of the night and our hunger usually signifies the end of the party, but not anymore! Provide your guests with some great midnight snacks to pick them up and keep the party going. Cookie and milk shooters, tacos or other hor d’oeuvres are easy and delicious. Do you have a favourite local food truck? Try getting them to cater at your late night party.

  10. Integrate Social Media

    Let everyone share in the fun of your big day, even if they couldn’t make it! Set up a wedding website with all the information your guests will need to participate and let the sharing begin. Social media is a huge part of our lives and a great place to share the fun you and your guests are having. Plus, the more people sharing, the more memories you will have.  
    *Be sure to check out our Guide to Being the Best Guest where we lay out some rules about proper social media etiquette! 

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