Unconventional Wedding Cake Ideas


Unconventional wedding cake ideas

Unconventional Wedding Cake Ideas

Unconventional Wedding Cake Ideas
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Traditional weddings will always have their place in the world, but that place seems to be shrinking, especially when it comes to wedding cakes. The traditional all-white wedding cake is on the out as more unconventional and personalized desserts are taking over. From doughnut towers to pie tables and even cakes made of cheese, you can let your creativity shine. The traditional cake has been done, stand out from the rest! Plus, who doesn’t love a tower of cheese or doughnuts?

Here is our list of unconventional wedding cake ideas:
  1. Doughnut Tower
    A doughnut tower can please every guest and is a fun alternative to a wedding cake. Have all one flavour of doughnut or mix and match flavours!
  2. “Cheese” Cake
    Who doesn’t love cheese? Make a beautiful cheese tower out of wheels of your favourite cheeses. Decorate with figs, berries, fresh herbs and honey!
  3. One Tiered Cake
    Not only is a one tiered cake practical for smaller weddings, but they are also beautiful. Stay on trend by decorating your cake with fresh greenery, or bold prints. 
  4. Cupcake Tower/Travel Cakes
    Like the doughnuts, these grab and go cakes are convenient, delicious and a real crowd pleaser! Have cake towers with different flavours of cake to please multiple palettes. 
  5. Cookie/Ice Cream Bar
    You scream, I scream, we all scream for ice cream…at your wedding! Have a cookie and ice cream bar instead of a cake. Have multiple toppings so that you and your guests can make personalized sundaes.
  6. Pie
    Some people don’t like cake, and that’s ok! Pie is just as delicious, and with the rise of pie art, can be just as decorative and beautiful. Apple and pumpkin pie work great for fall or winter weddings, while pies with seasonal berries are delicious for the spring and summer.
  7. Chocolate Covered Fruit/Fondue
    Chocolate covered strawberries are always a romantic snack and perfect for any wedding table. Have a chocolate fondue fountain as the centrepiece surrounded by edible arrangements for dipping.
  8. Grazing Table
    We have all been starving at a wedding reception at some point in our lives. After all, we have to wait for the newlywed couple to arrive before the dinner can begin. Or do we? Grazing tables are the new trend in 2019. Set up tables with snacks like cheese, meat and fruit that your guests can graze on throughout the night. This way, your guests will be less hangry when you arrive a little late from taking your wedding photos. 

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