Unconventional wedding cake ideas
Unconventional Wedding Cake Ideas

  Unconventional Wedding Cake Ideas From Happy Wife Happy Life    Traditional weddings will always have their place in the world, but that place seems to be shrinking, especially when it comes to wedding cakes. The traditional all-white wedding cake is on the out as more unconventional and personalized desserts are taking over. From doughnut

Wedding Etiquette A Guide To Being The Best Guest

Wedding Etiquette: A Guide to Being the Best Guest From Happy Wife Happy Life  Wedding etiquette can be tricky, especially with the changing times, traditions and social media. One wrong move and you will be the wedding guest everyone will remember for all the wrong reasons! From the moment you receive the invitation in the

Wedding Colour Combo Ideas
Wedding Colour Combo Ideas

      Wedding Colour Combo Ideas From Happy Wife Happy Life    Out with the old and in with the new! Nowadays, a lot of weddings tend to look and feel the same. Having the bouquet made of green and white flower arrangements are clean and pure, but here’s your chance to replace it

Why Are Cheesy Wedding Songs Good
Why are Cheesy Wedding Song Good?

Why Are Cheesy Wedding Songs Good?! From Happy Wife Happy Life  by Tom Wilcox (DJ Twix) So why are cheesy wedding songs good? There’s a lot of people that dislike the typical cliche wedding songs like Rasputin, Cha Cha Slide, Bird Dance, YMCA,  and the Cadillac Ranch. There are different ways to control the flow of

Guest List Tips
Wedding Guest List Tips

Guest List Tips From Happy Wife Happy Life    Setting the guest list can be the MOST stressful part of planning your wedding. It isn’t easy. So we have compiled a list of tips for planning your wedding guest list! Here are a few tips for picking the guest list: Have you talked to them

Shoe Game Questions
Wedding Shoe Game Questions

Wedding Shoe Game Questions From Happy Wife Happy Life    The Shoe Game is a classic wedding game that is always bound to be fun and bring the room together, but coming up with an extensive list of fun questions can be difficult! After all, you may never get a chance to ask the couple

25 happy wedding songs
Happy Wedding Songs

Happy Wedding Songs From Happy Wife Happy Life   Music makes everybody happy and being happy on your big day is a top priority! At Happy Wife Happy Life, we know music. So let us help you make the happiest playlist for your big day that will keep you and your guests dancing all night

maid of honor duties checklist
Maid Of Honor Duties Checklist

Maid of Honour Duties Checklist From Happy Wife Happy Life    So, you’ve been asked to be the maid of honor and after you’ve graciously accepted you think… now what?! Well don’t worry. We have compiled a checklist that will help any maid of honour be the best she can be.  Here’s our Maid of

wedding emergency kit
Wedding Day Emergency Kit

Wedding Day Emergency Kit From Happy Wife Happy Life    On a day you want everything needs to be perfect, you can’t be caught off guard. So be prepared for every situation by using this detailed emergency kit guide! Here is our guide to making the perfect wedding day emergency kit:   Fashion: Sewing Kit

Photos youll cherish forever
Photos You’ll Cherish Forever

Photos you’ll cherish forever From Happy Wife Happy Life   Your wedding day is a once in a lifetime experience and a day that you never want to forget, so make sure you capture every special moment in your photos.   Here is a helpful list of 120 photo oppurtunites you don’t want to miss

Late Lunch Ideas
Wedding Late Lunch Ideas

Late Lunch Ideas for Your Wedding From Happy Wife Happy Life    Having the same old meat and cheese platter is, well, kind of boring. Get funky with the late lunch and surprise your guests with a second meal. After all, they are probably starving. As wedding DJs, we have seen some creative stuff!  Here is our

bridesmaid selection point guide
Bridesmaid Selection Point Guide

How to Choose Your Bridesmaids From Happy Wife Happy Life    So you’ve started to plan your wedding, but who are you going to choose to be by your side on your big day? Picking your bridesmaids can be tough and even stressful. Who to pick, how to pick and how many? Luckily, we have made

groomsmen entering wedding ceremony
Groomsmen Entering The Ceremony Songs

  Groomsmen Entering The Ceremony Songs From Happy Wife Happy Life  Having the groomsmen walk down the aisle is not very common anymore. Keeping things fresh and uniquie can be difficult. These are some very well known songs that are sure to have the right feel! We’ve compiled a list of Groomsmen Entering The Ceremony

Bride Down The Aisle
Bride Down the Aisle Song Suggestions

Bride Down The Aisle Ideas From Happy Wife Happy Life    It’s the moment you’ve been waiting for your entire life; walking down that aisle to the person you love most in the world. You look spectacular in your dress, and you are surrounded by your closest friends and family. It can be tough trying

wedding party entrance songs
Wedding Party Entrance Song Suggestions

Wedding Party Entrance Song From Happy Wife Happy Life  You are on top of the world! You have just tied the knot. You have gone out, had your pictures taken for the first time as a married couple, and are just about ready to get your wedding reception started! Your guests are anxiously waiting for

first dance wedding songs
First Dance Songs

First Dance Songs From Happy Wife Happy Life This is it! It is all eyes on you two. Your first dance as a married couple. The song you choose should be personal. Something that will always make you smile, or jog up a feel good memory of when you two were dating. A song that

mother and son song suggestions
Mother and Son Dance Songs

Mother and Son Dance Songs From Happy Wife Happy Life   Your mom has done so much for you! She raised you into the man you are today. This dance should be special, to honour your mother before you set off on your new married adventure! Maybe ask your mom if she has any songs in

groom down the aisle wedding songs
Groom Down The Aisle Song Suggestions

Groom Down The Aisle Song Suggestions From Happy Wife Happy Life   Men, it’s your time to shine! You are going to walk down that aisle with confidence knowing you are going to marry the most beautiful girl in the world. We a few tracks suggestions to complement that feeling of “you did it”! Since

Favorite wedding processional songs
Favourite Wedding Processional Songs

Classic Wedding Processional Songs From Happy Wife Happy Life  No two weddings are ever exactly the same! Some couples want a classic wedding, some want theirs to be a call back to their heritage, some just want their wedding to be a ton of fun! It all starts with the processional. Here Is Our List Of Favourite Processional