Questions To Ask Your Wedding Venue
Questions To Ask Your Wedding Venue

Questions To Ask Your Wedding Venue

Questions To Ask Your Wedding Venue
From Happy Wife Happy Life 

In our last blog post, we talked about questions to ask your photographer. Now, we talk about questions to ask your wedding venue! Picking a venue is very important, so make sure to really focus on the questions that you feel matter the most. Also, comparing answers from each vendor is crucial and helps you pick the vendor you connect with the best! Make sure that you vibe well with the venue manager or banquet facilitator.

Here is our list of questions to ask your wedding venue:

  • What dates do you have available?
  • How many guests can you accommodate?
  • What services do you provide?
  • How much does it cost for the space itself and how much are the food and beverages?
  • What are the additional taxes and fees I may see attached to the rental and beverage costs?
  • How long is my rental for?
  • Who will my main point of contact be and who will be on site the day of my wedding?
  • Who takes care of linens if I haven’t hired an outside source?
  • What are the different floor plans for your space, how will our guest number fit into your venue space?
  • What is the grand total we will spend on your venue after all the taxes and fees are included?

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