Unconventional Wedding Ideas
non traditional wedding ideas

Unconventional wedding ideas.

Unconventional Wedding Ideas
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Unconventional weddings are trending this year with people saying ‘goodbye’ to dated traditions. Switch things up with our top 10 unconventional wedding ideas. 

Here is our list of 10 unconventional wedding ideas: 


1.     Invitations:
Forget cardstock and magnets, prepare guests for your cool wedding by sending out fun signature invites. Work closely with a designer and don’t be afraid to add some out of the box ideas !

2.     Flowers:
Most weddings have a lot of flowers, and while traditional bridal bouquets are beautiful, they can also feel overdone. Mix it up by giving your bridal party lovely lanterns to carry, lighting the way for your arrival down the aisle

3. Wedding Dress:
Who says a bride can’t be colourful? Instead of wearing plain white dress on your wedding day, mess up tradition with a custom dress filled with colourful accents, like a dyed tulle and whimsically-placed flowers.

4. Cake Topper:
Skip the ceramic figurines and top your cake with a cool topper like a metallic laser-cut banner; it’s a perfectly personal way to let your style shine through.

5. Unity Ceremony:
Sure, you could jointly light a candle as a symbol of your forever burning love — or you could take the much more delicious route and sip on each other’s favourite cocktail or share a bite of your favourite sandwich. Your call.

6. Centrepieces:
Mason jars are probably flooding your Pinterest boards for centerpiece inspiration, but why not look to other everyday objects instead? With little tea lights and a bit of paint, you can transform something like a common brick into a rustic centrepiece.

7. Party Favours:
Let’s face it, most wedding favours especially the non-edible ones will be “forgotten” by your guests at the end of the night. So, why not have some fun with them instead? Gift guests with customized temporary tattoos of your faces, and have application stations around the reception venue so they can put their fun and funky favour to use.

8. Place Holders:
Get creative with your place cards by skipping the average holders and getting crafty. Painted clothespins will adorably hold your guests’ table assignments.

9. Aisle Runner:
Rolling out the red carpet will always make you feel like a star, but picking an aisle runner that speaks to your personality is far more glamorous. You can roll out cuts of astroturf, your favourite patterned textile, or a personalized fabric.

10. Shoes:
Are you struggling with the idea of wearing stilettos all day? Make your wedding a little unique (and more comfortable) by trying out different styles. You could try your luck at thrift shops or order specially made footwear, like fun colourful shoes that really stand out against the white.

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