Must Have Winter Wedding Photos
Must Have Winter Wedding Photos

Must Have Winter Wedding Photos

Must-Have Winter Wedding Photo Ideas
From Happy Wife Happy Life

Are you having a winter wedding? We have compiled a list of our best winter wedding photo ideas!

  • Blanket wrap kiss with your spouse
  • Cozy fireplace photo
  • The “almost kissing” look. The winter makes your breathe show, creating a “steamy” vibe. 
  • Find an area outside with fresh snow that has yet to be walked on. Create a “V-shaped” lineup of bridesmaids and groomsman with the couple holding hands in the front/middle of the lineup. Have everyone walk roughly 5 steps creating a very subtle “journey yet walked” type of vibe. If done properly, this can look incredible! 
  • Portrait in the woods
  • Cozy bridesmaids picture
  • Suave groomsmen picture
  • Night time photo under a big light. This captures the snow fall beautifully!
  • Whats a winter wedding without a winter wonderland mistletoe kiss?

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