Groom and Groomsmen Trends 2019



groom and groomsmen trends 2019

Groom and Groomsmen Trends 2019
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Groom and Groomsmen attire is moving from the traditional black tuxedo and playing with bold colours and prints this year. We have seen all the colours sported on the red carpets and a range of textiles as well, with velvet and tweed being the top choices this year and colours like hunter green and burgundy being the popular colour choices. Black is boring unless you accessorize. Here is a list to keep you on trend. After all, the girls aren’t the only ones who need to turn heads on your big day!

Here is a list of Groom and Groomsmen trends for this year:

1. Patterns:

Play with patterns, but not full body. Go for a fun patterned jacket and a neutral pant or a floral print tie that will match the wedding flowers.

2. Bold Colours:
Forget about the baby blue and orange suits from Dumb and Dumber, those aren’t the colours we are talking about! Brighter neutrals are everywhere this year. Hunter green and burgundy are the top choices, but if that’s too much out of your comfort zone, try a brighter navy. Remember, you also don’t have to do a full suit in colour, you can always go with a statement suit coat and a more tame pant.

3. Mix and Match:
For when a full suit of colour and pattern is too much, mix and match! Blue and black are being paired this year for a fresh take on the traditional look, but the mixing doesn’t have to be limited to the colour palette. Mix and match textures and patterns to get a look that suits you and still keeps you on trend.

4. Accessories:
Celebrities have been living for the accessories this year on the red carpet, but not all of them are easily pulled off. After all, it takes a special person to be able to pull off the new man bib trend and who knows how well a man bib would go over with your new spouse. Instead, stick to the classics like watches, cufflinks and pocket squares. 

5. Texture:
Playing with texture is a safe way to say on trend if bold colours and prints are too much for you. Luxurious velvet and tweed are the top choices this year and once again, if a full velvet suit is too much for you, opt in for just the coat!

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