Fun Wedding Games to Play at your Edmonton Event



There are so many Wedding Games out there to choose from, so here at Happy Wife Happy Life Entertainment we will be showcasing different games we suggest all the time here in Edmonton, AB Canada to help pass the time at the many weddings we do each year. All the wedding games we will be listing at different times throughout our blog are intended to be both easy to understand and execute, all the while keeping your guests entertained and laughing. Your Wedding DJ, if a professional should be prepared to list off a bunch of different wedding games for you should a time arise that needs filling.


Todays Featured Game is “the Wedding Shoe Game”

First off you will need to decide on your list of questions, or if you are feeling rather adventurous, maybe have your bridesmaids develop the list so that both husband & wife are 100% completely surprised when they are asked their questions. During your reception or after dinner and a few drinks have been enjoyed, you will need to grab 2 chairs and sit back to back. You are going to need to take off both of your shoes but be sure to trade one with your partner. Then, as each of you are holding 2 shoes, one being your own shoe and the other being your partners shoe, you will then have someone (DJ) ask you both a series of your silly pre prepared questions we spoke about before. You will use the corresponding shoe to show your your answer and before you know it, it turns into a hilarious he-said, she-said debacle. 

Here in no order (and you can of course tweak these to make them more personal) is a list of “The Wedding Shoe Game” Questions!

  1. Who takes longer showers?
  2. Who takes the longest to get ready?
  3. Who dresses better?
  4. Who hogs most of the bed?
  5. Who is the better driver?
  6. Who has the better driving record?
  7. Who is the first to apologize after arguing?
  8. Who was the first to admit their love?
  9. Who was the one who made the relationship “official?”
  10. Who was the first one to have a crush on the other?
  11. Who farts more?
  12. Who is the smarter one?
  13. Who wears the pants in the relationship?
  14. Who is the better cook?
  15. Who makes more money?
  16. Who spends more money?
  17. Who is worse with direction?
  18. Who is more clumsy?
  19. Who shops more?
  20. Who talks the most?
  21. Who has to always have the final words in an argument?
  22. Who works more?
  23. Who exercises more?
  24. Who eats healthier?
  25. Who is in better overall shape?
  26. Who eats the most fast food?
  27. Who is the better kisser?
  28. Who flirts the most?
  29. Who is always the first to say “I love you?”
  30. Who uses more toilet paper?
  31. Who stinks up the bathroom more?
  32. Who does more household chores?
  33. Who’s car is the cleanest?
  34. Who has the nuttier family?
  35. Who is your favorite person?
  36. Who would rather be outdoors?
  37. Who spends the most time on the phone?
  38. Who sings better?
  39. Who dances better?
  40. Who looks in the mirror more?
  41. Who talks the loudest?
  42. Who has the better laugh?
  43. Who tells the best jokes?
  44. Who holds their liquor better?
  45. Who generally picks up the tab at restaurants?
  46. Who is the cheapest?
  47. Who is more serious?
  48. Who is more flexible?
  49. Who has bigger feet?
  50. Who has a bigger butt?
  51. Who has better vision?
  52. Who has better hearing?
  53. Who is most dramatic?
  54. Who is the biggest baby when they’re sick?
  55. Who gives better presents?
  56. Who gives the most unexpected surprises?
  57. Who has better hair?
  58. Who has more dressy clothes?
  59. Who sneezes more?
  60. Who has the most shoes?Thank you for taking the time to read about one of the wedding games we like to play at Happy Wife Happy Life Entertainment. Stay tuned for even more fun games that we will be posting about!

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