DJ in Edmonton

It is very easy to follow the big names in the DJ industry. Their social marketing strategies and techniques have gotten them the status that they all have today. It is not surprising to see some DJs with many followers on certain social media apps. These few DJs dominate social media and we are not usually introduced to less known DJs who perform in and around Edmonton – local artists whose main concern isn’t marketing themselves, or some who just don’t have a star status yet. Hopefully this short read will inspire you to explore more of the music scene and find some local DJ in Edmonton you enjoy listening to.

The first local DJ in Edmonton that has recently risen up the local DJ ranking is Happy Life Happy Wife. Happy Life Happy Wife is a DJ service in Edmonton who has a great reputation with the locals. They offer services which include disk jockeying for parties as well as sound and lighting services for corporate events. They also has a huge database of music to cater for any type of event.

There are many more who have chosen the profession of Disk Jockeying because of their love for providing music for events. It is our job as the community of Edmonton to support this profession as it is one of entertainment – a need for many types of occasion. Imagine an event such as an 18th birthday party or an end of the year Christmas party with no background music. This scenario definitely does not sound ideal and makes an event feel slow and awkward.

A few ways you can look for new DJs to support is by looking online. A lot of DJs have taken to advertising themselves online. Apart from social media, some DJs have made websites for themselves to dedicate the promotion of their services. These can be found by searching the internet with a few key words such as ‘DJ’ and ‘Edmonton’. Another way is to ask certain facilities in your area in Edmonton if they use a locally sourced DJ which you could try contact. Some DJs find a residential gig which alone pays for what they need meaning they do not push out their name as much. Some of these DJs work through word of mouth and will often take the odd gig here and there. Whatever you do, check the background of these DJs to see if you are actually getting your money’s worth. You might even find a good bargain.