Bridesmaid Selection Point Guide
bridesmaid selection point guide

Bridesmaid selection.

How to Choose Your Bridesmaids
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So you’ve started to plan your wedding, but who are you going to choose to be by your side on your big day? Picking your bridesmaids can be tough and even stressful. Who to pick, how to pick and how many? Luckily, we have made a point guide to help you decide who should fill your bride squad.

Bridesmaid Selection Point Guide: 
  • You are siblings = 10 Points 
  • She and your fiancé are siblings = 4 Points – As a general rule, you should TRY to include his sister, unless she asks you not to. 
  • You’ve been best friends forever = 1 point for every five years you’ve been close.
  • Your best friends now = 2 points – Add five points if she was the first person you called after you said yes.
  • Being around her just makes you happy and you just love her = 5 points
  • You’d trust her opinion in any dressing room = 1 point
  • You were bridesmaids at her wedding = 2 points – Unless the statue of limitations is up (5 years). Then there is no obligation.
  • She was a bridezilla at her own wedding = MINUS 3 points


  • 1-6 points : First cut from bride squad 
  • 7-14 points: She is in but there is close runners up
  • 15+ points: Makes the cut by a landslide – consider her for your Maid of Honour

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