Bachelorette Party Ideas



Bachelorette Party Ideas

Bachelorette Party Ideas:
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When looking for bachelorette party ideas, you want to make sure that you have fun, safety and recovery all in mind! For the bride, It’s the last ‘bits before the ring fits’, so we’re here to help make it an epic night to remember. When planning this eventful night, you want to make sure you’re planning around what the bride loves. Whether she loves the club, spa, shopping, patio hopping, outdoor activities or even visiting a winery for the weekend, you have the fun responsibility resting on your shoulders! There’s a lot of little details you may not think of, so let us help you plan the perfect bachelorette party for you and your besties! Here are some cool tips, tricks and ideas to help your planning process:

  1. Hair ties: When you and your ladies have been on your feet and active all day or possibly had too much to drink, it wouldn’t hurt to have some hair ties with you to put your hair up and out of the way! 
  2. Party Cups: It’s a great way to add some extra flair to your day or weekend. You can get customized bridal party cups or mugs made with fun or embarrassing sayings on them to add some flavour to the party! 
  3. Lip balm and facial products: You can add these to the bridal gift packs that go out if you plan on making them. There’s nothing better than having comfort products with you during the fun times to refresh. 
  4. Cute and financially friendly clutches or party bags: You will need something to put your party products in! Some cool ideas are water tattoo’s, face paint, hand sanitizer, matching nail polish, bridal party pins, bottle openers and headbands.
  5. Shot tubes: Allow me to introduce you to the undercover party tubes. You can fill them with your favourite liquor shots to carry with you keeping the liquid courage high! 
  6. Photo props: This one is huge as you’ll probably be taking a lot of fun photos with your besties throughout the party! Cardboard cutouts or custom signs are usually the easiest to make, this will easily add some fun to your big party! The words or inside jokes on these signs or props are totally up to you. 
  7. ‘Bride’ sash: This is a must! Having the bride stand out with her bride sash is an absolute must! She will be the main focus as you ladies take over the town, make sure it’s bright and beautiful! 
  8. Sign the brides shoes: This is an idea that we’ve come across a few times and we think it’s great! Have your ladies sign the sole of the fancy pair of shoes that the bride-to-be is wearing during the bachelorette party with a cool metallic pen at the end of the night. This way she’ll have the memorabilia from her last big hoorah forever! 
  9. Snapchat geofilter: Once you’ve decided what you ladies will be doing for the party, get yourselves a cool filter on snapchat to use throughout the craziness. It’s definitely going to add some cool memories and a banner to your big day! 
  10. ‘Drink if’: This is a great game to play with your besties to get the fun rolling and it’s super easy! The game is played in rounds (as many as you like, or can handle). Each round is filled with criteria that decides who drinks. The criteria can be as wild or as tame as you like. As you read each item, begin with ‘drink if’, and if any girl meets the criteria, they must take a drink!

Here are some of our ideas for criteria! 

  • Drink if you’re wearing lipstick
  • Drink if you have a necklace on
  • Drink if you have a tattoo
  • Drink if you think your boss is cute
  • Drink if you’re left-handed

Check out Pintrest for more criteria ideas!

11. Scavenger hunt: This game has been in the bachelorette party backpack for a long time! Find some cool yet familiar locations to have fun and embarrassing games/tasks for the bride to accomplish. 

12. Bachelorette bingo: This is another cool game that will help bring all the ladies together.

Here are some of our ideas for tasks to complete!

  • Buy the bride a shot
  • Collect 3 business cards from men
  • Touch someone’s moustache
  • Do a body shot
  • Rub a bald guys head
  • Take a photo with someone wearing a muscle shirt
  • Kiss a bartender
  • Get a piggyback ride from a random
  • Get a condom from a complete stranger
  • Find a coin from the year the bride was born

Here are some more general event ideas to make sure your bride has the best bachelorette party weekend!

  • A night out in the city
  • Lake or camping events
  • Beach party 
  • Vegas or NYC events 
  • Vineyard trip 
  • Pole dancing class
  • Casino night
  • Road trip somewhere the bride loves 
  • Concert or music festival
  • Cooking class
  • Dinner cruise
  • Comedy shows
  • Outdoor activities such as sky diving, zip-lining, hot air balloon ride, rent limo, broadway or musical, karaoke, Hotel room and movie night
  • Sumo suit party
  • Sporting events such as hockey, baseball, basketball, football, golf, tennis etc.. Try to have an embarrassing moment on the big screen with the bride to be if you can get in contact with the right people. 
  • Fitness course, American Ninja style. This would be fun and challenging with lots of room for surprising AND embarrassing moments 

We hope these bachelorette party ideas, tips and tricks have helped you plan an amazing party for the beautiful bride to be. May the wedding force be with you! Check out our blog for more #WEDDUCATION wedding tips and tricks.