Bachelor Party Ideas
Bachelor Party Ideas

Bachelor Party Ideas

Bachelor Party Ideas
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You’ve just been chosen to be the best man at your friend’s wedding. Being the best man is more than just a fun and heartfelt speech at the reception. You have been handed the responsibilities of planning an epic party for your ‘groom to be’ before he starts his married life. When planning your epic adventure, you want to make sure the party is based on everything the groom loves. Whether it’s outdoor activities (we love golf), shopping, travelling or even hitting up a cool brewery, make sure it’s something he’s going to rave about when it’s all said and done. Vegas is cool, but you might have to think outside the strip on this one!

Here are our Top 5 best bachelor party ideas:

    1. Mountain Man:
      Does your groom love plaid shirts, beards and the great outdoors? Plan something in the mountains! Nothing beats a mountain chalet or lodge to host an awesome party with boys. Skiing, snowboarding, outdoor BBQ’s, hiking, hot tubs, clubs etc.. The possibilities are endless. Just make sure you dress warm! 
    2. Sports Master:
      When it comes to sports fans, there are way too many outlets for fun and eventful activities. Buying tickets to a hockey or football game, for example, can be fairly expensive. However, if you can find a way to plan a weekend around more than one sporting event, do it! Tickets to a game are the first step, but how will you spend your free time before and after the game? Batting cages, golf, outdoor basketball courts, outdoor bbq and some (pre-game) beers, go-kart racing, paintball, bowling etc.. These are all great day activities to fill in the time before throwing on your favourite team’s jersey and heading to the game.
    3. The Party Man:
      We all have that friend that’s a little more intense than the rest. However, this means you’re bound to have the time of your lives. Plan a pub crawl in the city of your choice. Pick a popular strip so travelling time won’t impede on the fun.. Make human pyramids in the middle of bars, make the groom switch clothes with the opposite sex and wear it all night. Maybe he has to wear his shoes on the opposite feet for a certain time, etc. If you plan this out properly you might just be short of making “The Hangover Part 4”. Just remember, your safety is always the most important. 
    4. The Low-Key Man:
      When you have someone that usually doesn’t party or go out too often, you’ll want to approach this one from a different angle. Maybe rent a hotel room for you and the crew! Hire professional masseuses to come give on call back rubs or plan out a massive gaming tournament like Call Of Duty or NHL, Madden, Forza or whatever the groom likes to play. Bring your own liquor to the hotel and have some fun times with games like Cards Against Humanity, Jenga or any type of drinking games that may bring out the fun in the ‘O mighty tame one’. 
    5. The Smart Man:
      We all have that one friend that’s a super nerd (and we love them).  They blurt out every answer correctly as Jeopardy is on t.v, tell you random facts about things your brain can’t possibly process and is the #1 rated Scrabble player in the world. If I’m describing your ‘groom to be’, you may have a challenge on your hands. When looking for the perfect events for his bachelor party, think outside the box. Outdoor cosplay (LARP), local group events like “Break Out or Escape Room” can be fun. Possibly hit up some museums in different cities, a  broadway show or the orchestra (we recommend the Winspear Centre here in Edmonton), 

Finally! The little reminders. Campgrounds or other specific locations may not allow alcohol, certain events or behaviour, so make sure you plan a backup plan. There’s only 1 rule in making these plans. “Never leave a man behind” and have fun!

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